Udgivelsesdato: 9. september 2020

Your guide to working in Denmark

The World's best work-life balance, an excellent business climate, and an efficient welfare state. These are just three of the reasons why it is popular to come work and live in Denmark, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

And as accountants we fully agree, and we would like to add, that we are here to help you getting off to a good start with your new job and tax in Denmark. 


Working in Denmark

When coming to Denmark to work, you need a personal tax number and a tax card. If you are staying in Denmark for more than three months, you need a CPR number, which is essential in relation to interaction with the Danish authorities. Citizens from the EU, EEA countries or Switzerland only need a CPR number after six months.


NemKonto and NemID

In order to receive your salary and payments from the public sector, you need a NemKonto. You can choose to have either a Danish bank account or your foreign bank account registered as your Nemkonto.

NemID is your digital signature and your key to digital Denmark. It is a single login for Danish Internet banks and government websites.


Income and tax

When you take up work in Denmark, you must pay income tax. Your employer downloads your tax card and tax is withheld from your salary automatically.

Your tax liability determines which deductions you are entitled to. The type of tax liability applicable to you depends on whether you are married and whether you have a residence in your home country.  

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You can help yourself or we can be of assistance

A practical guide to the Danish tax system - To help you get off to a good start while working in Denmark, The Danish Tax Agency have made this practical guide. 

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Or perhaps you just want to get startet on your new work-life balance right away? We can be at assistance.

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